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The Rice Linguistics Department is the home of an active community of scholars with a wide range of interests. Broadly defined, the department adopts a functional, usage-based approach to language and linguistic theory. A number of recurrent themes emerge in faculty research and the degree programs offered: in-depth investigation of languages, coupled with the search for cross-linguistic generalization; the effects of semantics, language-in-use, sociocultural factors, and other functional influences that motivate and constrain linguistic form; grounding of theories in solid empirical data of many sorts; an interest in the relation between language and mind; and interest in discourse and social/communicative interaction more generally. These interests lead to intensive research activity in empirically well-supported theoretical and descriptive linguistics:

  • cognitive/functional linguistics
  • typology and language universals
  • field studies in American Indian, Australian, Austronesian, African, and other languages
  • sociolinguistics
  • discourse studies
  • phonetics and speech processing
  • laboratory phonology
  • language change and grammaticization

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Faculty Spotlight

Nancy NiedzielskiNancy Niedzielski
Associate Professor of Linguistics
Ph.D. Linguistics, University of California, Santa Barbara. Sociolinguistics, speech perception, dialectology, phonetics, speech technology, language and gender. More »

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Student Spotlight

Vlad SoareVlad Soare
Language Documentation and Description, Contact Linguistics and Linguistic Anthropology.

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Upcoming Events

Thursday, October 2
4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
Herring Hall 125
Language Surveys in Papua New Guinea: Classifying 1000 Languages
Karl Franklin

Thursday, October 16
4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
Herring Hall 125
Benefits of Home Language Use in Bilingual Children with Hearing Loss
Ferenc Bunta
University of Houston Communication Sciences and Disorders

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