Doctoral Dissertations | MA Theses | BA Honor Theses and Awards  

Doctoral Dissertations

Baek, Mihyun. 1997. The Korean I-Suffix: A functional approach. Supervisor: P Davis. 

Baker, John. 1994. Determinacy and Participant Formation: De marmore angeli. Supervisor: P. Davis.

Barbe, Katharina. 1989. Irony in Conversational German: A linguistic approach. Supervisor: J. Copeland.

Brunner, Elizabeth Gentry. 2010. Imitation, Awareness, and Folk Linguistic Artifacts. Supervisor: N. Niedzielski.

Burdine, Stephanie. 2002. Means to an End: Communication Strategies in French Immersion. Supervisor: M. Barlow.

Caesar-Fox, Desrey. 2003. Zauro'nodok Agawayo Yau: Variants of Akawaio Spoken at Waramadong. Supervisor, S. Gildea.

Cameron, Carrie. 1990. The Semantics and Pragmatics of Voice Systems: A functional analysis. Supervisor: P. Davis.

Cobin, Peter. 1989. Linguistic Subsystems of a Chicano Child. Supervisor: S. Lamb.

Colley, Michael. 2010. Dipthongization in Brazilian Portuguese. Supervisor: N. Niedzielski.

Cummings, Elisabeth. 1989. Dissolving Classifications: Rethinking Linguistic Typology. Supervisor: S. Tyler.

Edmiston, Cynthia. 1988. English Grammar as a Stratified System of Signs. Supervisor: S. Lamb.

Everett, Caleb. 2006. Patterns in Karitiana: Articulation, Perception, and Grammar.Supervisor: M. Shibatani.

Felix, Rolando. 2006. A Grammar of River Warihio. Supervisor: P. Davis.

Filchenko, Andrey Yury. 2007. A Grammar of Eastern Khanty. Supervisor: M. Shibatani.

Fleck, David W. 2003. A Grammar of Matses. Supervisor: P. Davis.

Guirardello, Raquel. 1999. A Grammar of Trumai. Supervisor: S. Gildea.

Hardy, Donald. 1988. The Semantics of Creek Morphosyntax. Supervisor: P. Davis.

Harrison, Colin. 2000. PureNet: A Modeling Program for Neurocognitive Linguistics. Supervisor: S. Lamb.

Hartenstein, Anne Marie. 2012. Middle Voice in Northern Moldavian Hungarian . Supervisor: M. Shibatani.

Hilpert, Martin. 2007. Germanic Future Constructions: A Usage Based Approach to Grammaticalization. Supervisor: S. Kemmer.

Huang, Lillian. 1987. Aspect: A General System and Its Manifestation in Mandarin Chinese. Supervisor: P. Davis.

Katten, David. 2011. Transitivity and Intonation; A Preliminary Account of Transitive Lowering.  Supervisor: K. Crosswhite.

Katz, Aya. 1996. Cyclical Grammaticalization and the Cognitive Link Between Pronoun and Copula. Supervisor: J. Copeland.

Koops, Christian. 2010. Sociophonetic Knowledge in Speech Perception. Supervisor: N. Niedzielski.

Lanz, Linda. 2010. A Grammar of Inupiaq Morphosyntax. Supervisor: C. Bowern.

Lee, Chang-In. 1988. A Dynamic Model of Comprehension with Applications to Korean and English. Supervisor: S. Lamb.

Lee, Jeong-Hwa. 1999. The Semantics of Manipulative Motion Verbs in Korean, with Reference to English. Supervisor: P. Davis.

Lee, Sarah. 2015. An Interactional Account of Multilingual Usage Patterns in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – a High Contact Area. Supervisor: M. Achard

Lin, Gujing. 2010. The Argument Structure of Tsou: Simplex and Complex Predicates. Supervisor: M. Shibatani.

McCracken, Chelsea. 2012. A Grammar of Belep. Supervisor: C. Willis.

Mead, David. 1998. The Reconstruction of Proto-Bungku-Tolaki and Aspects of its Morphosyntax. Supervisor: S. Kemmer.

Meira, Sergio S.C.O. 1999. A First Grammar of Tiriyo. Supervisor: S. Gildea.

Meyer, Cynthia. 1991. Talk of Times Past: On the Interaction of Cognitive Systems in Conversation. Supervisor: S. Lamb.

Morrison, Michelle. 2011. A Reference Grammar of Bena. Supervisor: C. Bowern.

Nagaya, Naonori. 2011. The Lamaholot Language of Eastern Indonesia. Supervisor: M. Shibatani.

Nelson, Katherine. 2013. An Acoustic Analysis and Cross-Linguistic Study of the Phonemic Inventory of Nez Perce. Supervisor: N. Niedzielski.

Novak, Barbra. 2006. Cortical Processing of Real Words, Pseudowords and Nonwords as Measured by Magnetoencephalography. Supervisor: S. Lamb.

Olivo, Ann. 2013. The Strong Island Sound: Sociolinguistic Evidence for Emerging American Ethnicities. Supervisor: N. Niedzielski.

Pantos, Andrew. 2010. Measuring Implicit and Explicit Attitudes Toward Foreign-Accented Speech. Supervisor: N. Niedzielski.

Papp, Viktoria. 2011. The Female to Male Transgender Voice: Physiology vs. Performance in Production. Supervisor: K. Crosswhite.

Pulju, Timothy. 1995. Problems in the Reconstruction of Indo-European Stop Consonants. Supervisor: S. Lamb.

Rasch, Jeffrey. 2002. The Basic Morpho Syntax of Yaitepec Chatino. Supervisor: P. Davis.

Rohde, Ada. 2001. Analyzing PATH: The Interplay of Verbs, Prepositions and Constructional Semantics. Supervisor: S. Kemmer.

Sanaphre, Monica. 2011. Analytic Causative Constructions in Medieval Spanish: The Origins of a Construction. Supervisor: S. Kemmer.

Schmidt, Christopher. 2013. Morphosyntax of Wangka, a Dialect of Rembong-Riung. Supervisor: M. Shibatani.

Sexton-Leuchtmann, Amy. 2001. Creating Characters and Reconstructing Texts: Evaluation in Children's Oral Narrative Re-tellings. Supervisor: J. Copeland.

Shim, Pumsup. 2009. A Study on the Use of the Direct Bible Quotes in Evangelical Christian Self-Help Books: An Argumentative and Dialogic Approach. Supervisor: S. Tyler.

Spitz, Walter. 1997. Lost Causes: Morphological Causative Constructions in Philippine Languages. Supervisor: P. Davis.

Spruiell, William. 1990. Perspectives on Nominalization. Supervisor: P. Davis.

Stefanowitsch, Anatol. 2001. Constructing Causation: A Construction Grammar Approach to Analytic Causatives. Supervisor: S. Kemmer.

Tavares, Petronila. 2005. A Grammar of Wayana. Supervisor: S. Gildea.

Taylor, Christopher. 2011. Power to Represent: The Spatialized Politics of Style in Houston Hip Hop.  Supervisor: N. Niedzielski.

Yang, Insun. 1994. A Semantic Study of Discourse Connectivity in Korean. Supervisor: J.Copeland.

Yoon, Soyeon. 2012. Constructions,Semantic Compatibility, and Coercion: An Empirical Usage-Based Approach. Supervisor: S.Kemmer.

Young, Hilary. 2002. C'est Either Que Tu Parles Français, C'est Either Que Tu Parles Anglais: A Cognitive Approach to Chiac as a Contact Language. Supervisor: M. Achard.

Zhang, Jian-nan. 1991. The Relationship between Processes and Participants in Chinese. Supervisor: S. Lamb.

Zhang, Xiuhong. 2001. Complex Verbal Lexemes in Chinese. Supervisor: S. Lamb. 

MA Theses

Bruff, Gary. 1995. Rhetoric and Grammar. Supervisor: S. Tyler.

Cramer, Sabine. 1987. Naming and Classification. Supervisor: S. Tyler.

Feicht, Sherry. 1995. Functional German Grammar: A pedagogical application of Fleming's communication analysis. Supervisor: J. Copeland.

Fletcher, J.C. 2006. Effects of coda voicing on onset/n/ and /l/ duration in American English. Supervisor: K. Crosswhite.

Fu, Qiying. 1991. The Description of Chinese Substantives using an Analogical Approach to Syntax. Supervisor: S. Lamb.

Gagliano, Eugene. 1990. Phonological Chunking in German and English: Segment, juncture, and boundary. Supervisor: J.Copeland. 

Galindo, John. 2013. The Effect of Linguistic Experience on the Perception of Pitch Contour. Supervisor: R. Englebretson.

Hoecker, Jennifer. 2011. Not Quite Your Grandmother's Jam: Place, Time, and Identity in Constructing a Home-Canning Community of Practice. Supervisor: R.Englebretson.

Lu, Wendy Li-jung. 1990. The Semantics of Taiwanese U. Supervisor: P. Davis.

Ma, Ling. 2014. Palatalization in Mandarin Loanwords: An Optimality – Theoretic Approach. Supervisor: N. Niedzielski.

Meira, Sergio S.C.O. 1998. A Reconstruction of Proto-Taranoan: Phonology and inflectional morphology. Supervisor: S. Gildea.

Nash, Carlos. 2001. Evaluating the Use of Adaptive Transform Acoustic Coding (ATRAC) Data Compression in Acoustic Phonetics. Supervisor: N. Niedzielski.

Newell, John. 1998. Metaphor in a Neurocognitive Theory of Language. Supervisor: S. Lamb.

Nilakanta, Rema. 1985. Discourse Functions of Negation in Modern German. Supervisor: J. Copeland.

Reindl, Donald. 1994. The Semantics of the Preposition Na in Slavic Spatial Constructions. Supervisor: S. Tyler.

Thesieres, Holly. 2001. Comparative Vowel Allophony in Dialects of Arabic. Supervisor: N. Niedzielski.

Wiedrick, Jack. 2000. A Grammar of Middle Japanese. Supervisor: P. Davis.

Wu, Zhijun. 1988. Strategies for Natural Language Processing using Stratified Grammar. Supervisor: S. Lamb.

Zhang, Yiming. 1990. Toward a Dynamic Grammar of Chinese. Supervisor: S. Lamb.

BA Honors Theses in Linguistics

Birenbaum, Simon. 2005. The correlations among catch phrase usage, friendship groups, and social networks. Supervisor: N. Niedzielski.

Chiao, Sue Wen. 1998. Luo Causative Constructions. Supervisor: S. Kemmer.

Eckel, Malcolm. 2007. An Examination of The Definite Article in Discourse. Supervisor: R. Englebretson.

Grant, Alexis. 2003. Politeness Strategies in Hierarchical Online Communities: A case study of the live journal user documentation community. Supervisor: R. Englebretson.

Greiner, John. 1989. The Dynamic Grammar Interpreter. Supervisor: S. Lamb.

Harston, Katrina. 2000. Phonosymbolism in Japanese. Supervisor: S. Kemmer.

Hegarty, Rick. 1995. A Computerized Model of the Babbling Stage in Language Development. Supervisor: S. Lamb.

Hess, Holly. 2006. The Effects of Brain Damage on Verb Production in Natural Discourse. Supervisor: R. Englebretson.

Hu, Wenlei. 2000. ESL Learner Strategies. Supervisor: M. Barlow.

Leyton-Mange, Andrea. 2007. Vowel Formant Frequencies and Occurrence of Non-Modal Phonation in the Speech of Trained Opera Singers. Supervisor: N. Niedzielski.

Mack, Jennifer. 2004. An Exploration of the Relationship Between Prosody, Grammar, and Meaning in Spoken American English Interrogatives. Supervisor: R. Englebretson.

Mathieu-Reeves, Danielle. 2005. A Cross-Linguistic Study of the Copula: Two Copular Classes. Supervisor: S. Kemmer.

Matzen, Laura. 2003. Discourse Markers and Prosody: A case study of 'so'. Supervisor: R. Englebretson.

Rabalais, Laura. 2008. Noun classification in South East Asia. Supervisor: C. Bowern.

Remirez, Emily. 2015. Body Building: Three Ways Language Constructs Physical and Figurative Bodies: M. Achard.
Schafer, Emily. (now Emily Tallent.) 1999. Phonological Processing in Children: A Study Using Magnetoencephalography. Supervisor: S. Lamb.

Theriot, Jude. 1995. A Psycholinguistic Study of Semantic Schemas Associated with English in front of / in back of. Supervisor: S. Kemmer.

Wheeler, Ben. 2005. A Preliminary Investigation of Constructional Profile Analysis. Supervisor: S. Kemmer.

Linguistics Prize for Excellence


Beginning in 2002, the department has awarded the Linguistics Prize for Excellence to officially recognize exceptional achievement in the major. This prize is awarded to a graduating senior Linguistics major who, in the judgment of the faculty, has demonstrated outstanding performance throughout their undergraduate career. Recipients and co-recipients of this award are listed below.   

Anai Navarro
Emily Remirez
 2014 Sarah Craig
 2013 Claire Taylor
2012 Christina Coravos
  Kevin Lin
2011 Mary Copeland Johnson
  David Sorge
2010 Elena Fabiano
2009 Margeux Clemmons
2008 Laura Rabalais
2007 Andrea Leyton-Mange
2006 Holly Hess
Ben Walker
2005 Annie Fadely
Ben Wheeler
2004 Jennifer Mack
2003 Alexis Grant
Laura Matzen
2002 Brianna Conrey

If you are an alum of one of our degree programs and do not see your name, please email Suzanne Kemmer at kemmer.