Akua Campbell Akua Campbell

Syntax, language documentation and description, African languages (especially Kwa) and discourse

d benner pic Daniela Benner

Language documentation and description, linguistic anthropology, sociolinguistics, cognitive linguistics, Tibeto-Burman linguistics, linguistics of the U.S.-Mexico border

Cain Sarah Cain

Discourse, humor, and audience; language and the media; sociolinguistics

Penelope Howe Penelope Howe

Phonetics, phonology and speech perception, sociolinguistics, language universals and typology, cognitive linguistics, discourse and grammar, Malagasy and Austronesian languages

Lisa Jeon Lisa Jeon

Sociolinguistics, linguistic anthropology, speech perception, dialectology, phonetics/ phonology, regional varieties of American English, Korean linguistics, language and place, language ideology, style, language attitudes.

Haowen (Howard) Jiang Haowen Jiang

Cognitive linguistics, Austronesian languages, universals and typology, spatial grammar, evidentiality, nominalization  

Anthony Koth Anthony Koth

Discourse analysis, syntax and semantics and their interface(s)

Bazille Lanneau pic Bazile Lanneau

Cognitive linguistics, linguistic anthropology, evolution of language, metaphors, blending, language and music cognition

Samantha Mauney Samantha Mauney

Sociolinguistics, language attitudes, language revival, discourse analysis, language and marketing.

carlos molina pic Carlos Molina-Vital

Cognitive Linguistics, Cognitive Grammar, and Functional Syntax; grammatical voice, aspect; Quechua (Southern and Ancash varieties in Peru).

Evgeniya Poluektova Evgeniya Poluektova

 Cognitive & functional linguistics, semantics, language universals and typology, discourse and grammar

vlad Vlad Soare

Language Documentation and Description, Contact Linguistics and Linguistic Anthropology.

  Philipp Stempel

Language typology, corpus linguistics, psycholinguistics, cognitive linguistics

Bethany's picture Bethany Townsend

Linguistic anthropology, language and gender, queer linguistics, discourse analysis

Ruping Tso(2) Ruping Tso

cognitive linguistics, corpus linguistics, Chinese linguistics, and lexical semantics

stephen walters pic Stephen Watters

Cognitive Grammar, Sociolinguistics, Language Documentation and Description, and Languages of the Himalaya.

jwittke Jonas Wittke

Interactional linguistics, discourse, corpus linguistics, languages of Indonesia