BA Award Recipients

Linguistics Prize for Excellence

Beginning in 2002, the department has awarded the Linguistics Prize for Excellence to officially recognize exceptional achievement in the major. This prize is awarded to a graduating senior Linguistics major who, in the judgment of the faculty, has demonstrated outstanding performance throughout their undergraduate career. Recipients and co-recipients of this award are listed below.

Class Year Name
2023 Ben Murdoch, Grace Walters
2022 Amanda Lopatin
2021 Athena Hagerman
2020 Meredith Church
2019 Taylor Williams
2018 Natalie Grothues
2017 Aric Barnes
2016 Chris Johnson Jr., Kevin Doan
2015 Anai Navarro, Emily Remirez
2014 Sarah Craig
2013 Claire Taylor
2012 Christina Coravos, Kevin Lin
2011 Mary Copeland Johnson, David Sorge
2010 Elena Fabiano
2009 Margeux Clemmons
2008 Laura Rabalais
2007 Andrea Leyton-Mange
2006 Holly Hess, Ben Walker
2005 Annie Fadely, Ben Wheeler
2004 Jennifer Mack
2003 Alexis Grant, Laura Matzen
2002 Brianna Conrey

Senior Award for Service to Linguistics

Beginning in 2018, the department established the Senior Award for Service to Linguistics. This is an occasional award to officially recognize students who, in the judgement of the faculty, have made exemplary contributions to the linguistics department and the linguistics community at rice university. Recipients and co-recipients are listed below.

Class Year Name
2023 Sarah Park
2020 Phillip Jaffe, Elise Tan
2019 Natalia (Nati) Salazar
2018 Natalie Grothues, Elise Lahoud