Honors Program

The Linguistics Honors Program provides selected undergraduate majors with the opportunity to conduct supervised research within their area of specialization in the major. Majors planning to pursue graduate training in Linguistics or a related field are strongly encouraged to apply, as well as others who wish to add the experience of an intensive, individualized research project to their undergraduate education.

Application to the Honors Program should be made in person to the undergraduate major adviser before the end of the student's junior year. In support of the application, the student should prepare a brief description of the proposed project signed by the faculty member who is to supervise the work (the project supervisor). On acceptance, the student will enroll in LING 482 Honors Project, with the supervising faculty member named as instructor.

The Honors Program framework is designed to facilitate the development of a mentoring relationship between student and faculty member. Students are thus expected to meet regularly with their project supervisor regarding their progress; the supervisor is responsible for providing research guidance and general support.